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Why You Should Replace Your Shoes Regularly?

by Clare Louise

How frequently do you replace your shoes? Some of us are impulsive buyers while others go to the other extreme of not buying a new pair of shoes even when their old shoes are worn out. It is not because they do not have the money needed to buy a new pair of shoes but they continue to think that they could hold on to their old pair of shoes for little longer. 

Like any other product, you should know that even your combat boots and other shoes that you own have a specific life span. They are designed to last and serve only for a certain period. If you continue using your shoes longer than they are meant to or designed to serve, you could end up hurting your feet.

It might be your lucky pair of black creepers but you should know that they are not designed to last a lifetime. As the shoes age, the level of support that they could give your feet will deteriorate. You should therefore make sure that you replace your old shoes before it is too late. 

The sole of your feet should get adequate support. The inner side of the sole, which is fixed to the shoes, will have ridges to which the insole would be glued. As your shoe ages, the insole will wear out and ridges on the inner side of the sole will directly press against your feet. Initially it will start with minor discomfort but if you continue using the same shoes, you will experience issues such as numbness in your feet and pain where the ridges are pressing against your feet. You could try changing the insole but the insole you purchase may not be a perfect fit for your old pair of shoes. 

The heels of the shoes are often worn out depending on the way you place the weight on your heels and the toes, the sole would have worn out unevenly. Only for a very few people the sole will wear out evenly. Beyond a certain limit, because of the uneven wearing out of your shoes your posture will be affected. This in turn could lead to spine related issues, ranging from minor discomfort to serious problems. 

For whatever reasons you are holding on to your old pair of shoes, you should know that there is no virtue retaining your old shoes for life as it could cause discomfort and health issues. Replace your shoes regularly and it will save you from unnecessary risks. You would also enjoy using new pair of shoes. 

Take your time to review your shoes online before placing your order. Selecting shoes from reliable brands will help you get long life out of your shoes. It is worth investing in a new pair of good quality shoes. You may also want to take good care of your shoes so that you could enjoy the fullest benefits of all the features of your brand new shoes. 

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