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What Do Various Symbols Stamped On Jewelry Mean?

by Denny Tom

Jewelry markings are common irrespective of the type you get. It is the mark of authentication and helps in identifying its maker. Besides, symbols stamped on jewelry indicate metal content and manufacturing details. This would give you a suitable idea of the actual value of the jewelry and ensure that you are not overcharged for it.

What are Symbols Stamped on Jewelry Indicative Of?

Without any symbols, it is not an indication that is of previous metal. It is important to have the symbol as it indicates the manufacturing team who would disclose the previous metal present in it. You could get this while purchasing it at the store. The tag and the hallmark of the product are important to check when buying the Jewry item.

However, the stamp indicates the three important factors are identification of ring maker, location of the ring manufacturer, and the material in the ring. With this, you can have a suitable idea about its authenticity and quality. Depending on this, you know that you are investing in the right option. This would give you suitable returns afar years to come.

If you see any uncommon symbols stamped on the jewelry, it is better to get in touch with the manufacturing team or the person you are purchasing the item from. In this regard, you must know that the 925 stamp indicates sterling silver that is different from pure silver. It mainly indicates the percentage of silver, which is 92.5%, with other metals in it.

Get the Right Jewelry Item

The stamp on jewelry is indicative that you are paying for the right option and can distinguish it from the rest available. Be it a ring, earring, necklace or other items, the marking should be present in every piece of jewelry. So, knowing about the stamp would help make the right purchase.