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The Fanny Pack Options That You Need to Have Now

by Margaret Eilers

The fanny pack is indeed back. And it is everywhere. We find it on parades, in street style and even in the dressing room of influencers. A true revival of the 90s, we will explain to you why the fanny is the new trendy bag to adopt.

In mini or maxi version, the fanny pack signs a triumphant return this season. Revisited by the biggest fashion designers, the fanny is displayed on fashion shows and at the waist of fashion influencers. One thing is certain, we will soon be sold out.

The fanny is the favorite bag of nineties. The one we loved wearing over our baggy jeans and a cropped top. Today, this clear fanny pack has never been so trendy. Even if his return divides the fashion world, it is gaining ground in stores.


We will explain why you will soon adopt the fanny .

Why are we falling for the fanny pack?

  • You don’t think that the fanny pack is anything but glamorous? Well think again. We promise you, the fanny has everything of a trendy bag.
  • Already, one cannot deny its practical side. The belt bag rids hands and arms of any accessory and it must be said that we love it.
  • It’s simple, with the fanny, everything is close at hand. And in addition to being useful, the fanny adds a very sharp fashion touch to any outfit. The kind of stylish accessory we love.

As for style, don’t worry: the fanny is not only available in a sportswear version. No longer out of date, it exists today in glamor, chic or even ethnic version. And we, we necessarily crack.

How to wear the fanny pack?

Do not think that the fanny is only worn around the waist. If purists absolutely want to use it as a belt, fashionistas may as well adopt it on the shoulder and even across the body. The fanny pack is worn over high waist jeans with a ruffled blouse and an oversized blazer, or over a long bohemian dress. You can also wear it on a jumpsuit or on a trench, to belt it and mark your size.

If the fanny can be worn with almost everything, there are still a few rules to follow:

Avoid associating your fanny with a belt . Often, the mixture is not graceful and gives the impression of having wanted to do too much.

Which fanny pack model to choose?

To properly adopt the fanny, everything depends on the choice of model. Just select it according to your fashion style, if you’re more street style, opt for an XXL model in canvas or sequins. On the contrary, if you are chic and preppy, fall for a mini format, golden or silver, and in leather. The noble material will give cachet to your outfit while bringing a trendy touch thanks to the shape of the fanny pack.