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The Eco-Friendly Lab Grown Diamonds Melbourne

by Margaret Eilers

With the same chemical and optical properties, lab grown diamonds Melbourne are naturally the same as mined diamonds. The only difference is that unlike mined diamonds, one can make synthetic diamonds in a lab using modernized technologies and scientific instruments.

Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds

As we all are aware of the hazards a mined diamond can cause, it has been very important to look out for alternatives. One such alternative is making synthetic diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. It isn’t that with lab-grown diamonds the environmental hazard is eliminated, but, it is minimized to some extent. Nowadays, with the growing awareness, people are on the lookout for lab-grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds Melbourne are also inexpensive; they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

How are they made?

Lab grown diamonds Melbourne are formed when the carbon seeds of the mined diamonds are in contact with the scientific instruments. Mined diamonds are found around 100 meters of underground water it is formed due to the heat of the earth’s mantle. The whole process of natural diamond formation is limited in the lab and under the same pressure and heat, these diamonds are grown. The mixtures of some already existing diamonds are used along with the lab-grown diamonds do get the color and look of a natural diamond.

Trace elements and crystal growth

But, as we know it is not always easy to make an exact copy, so, at times it does leave its traces and only a learned jewelry designer can point out the difference between a natural diamond and a lab grew one. Differences in trace elements and crystal growth are the only points with which a natural diamond can be distinguished from a lab-grown diamond. This, people, fined it the best alternative for the costly, natural diamonds. They can have their money and also the environment, both at the same time, just by choosing the correct diamond. You can use this real diamonds for fashion, engagement rings, weddings and jewellery.

Availability of Colors

Some of the colors that you can find in a lab grown diamonds Melbourne are as follows

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Blue

Why chose Novita?

  • Eco-friendly

Unlike mined diamonds, they don’t cause any harm to the environment. They take all the necessary steps to keep it hazard-free.

  • Quality and price

Novita offers you the best lab grown diamonds Melbourne. With their superior quality technology, they make sure to give you the best quality at the most competitive price. So, what they offer is like a jackpot; quality plus price, and this makes them the best diamond manufacturer and dealer.

  • Harder and shinier

Not only is it superior to mined diamonds from the environmental aspect, but also because it is grown in a technologically advanced lab that takes care that it’s harder and shinier than the mined diamonds.

  • Certified

They make lab-grown diamonds but like every other businessman they follow certain ethics as well. They are a certified manufacturer of lab grown diamonds Melbourne and are proud to hold the crown. Every real diamond that they produce comes from a lab that takes care of every piece of dIno and, their cut, shape, texture everything is tested, and then approved.