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Shopping, Seafood, and History Can All Be Found in Cape Cod 

by Denny Tom

In Cape Cod, there is a celebrated antique trail beside the walking and biking trails, and this antique trail runs through almost every Cape Cod town and village. And Route 6A is historic and is especially alive with superb places to visit great antique stores and galleries. You will discover Cape Cod’s collection of gift shops, boutiques and independent bookstores, many of which often can be found in enchanting village centers. 

There are also national shops at the Hyannis Cape Cod Mall and you can explore the many places to shop at the open-air shopping center at Mashpee Commons. Plan a holiday getaway to Cape Cod, since there is no better place to find the perfect gift for someone you love.

Clothes for kids

And don’t forget the kids in your family, who would love a Cape Cod hoodie or sweatshirt. Remember hoodies are the trendy clothes item for teenagers. There are many shops that sell these items with Cape Cod on it or the name of one of the many villages or towns. 


After the shopping, you need to sample the many restaurants, especially the seafood places with catches direct from the sea to your plate. Nothing is better than fresh seafood and you can eat a lot of it while at Cape Cod.

New World

But please don’t forget the beaches, hike and bike trails and the beauty of the New England coastline. There is history almost in every corner where you look – especially the historic lighthouses that are years old and yet you can see working every night from the beaches. This is the wonderful part of the area where America began – where hundreds of years ago, people landed their ships in this area and decided to make this new world a new country.