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Nail Polish That Would Capture Your Imagination

by Denny Tom

Whether you go to a manicurist or adjust your nails yourself, it is important to know which shape is ideal for you. It depends on the length of your fingers, the shape of the beds, but also the color of the varnish you will be wearing.

Shape: Short round

For whom: Long fingers (optically shortens them)

How to use: Ideal shape for women who would be obstructed by long nails. All you have to do is cut your nails into a round and file them thoroughly.

Shape: Oval

For whom: A shape that is perfect for everyone. Plus, it’s very sleek!

How to do it: To achieve an oval shape, it is necessary to let the nails grow a little, then creep them with a file.

Varnish color: Bet on strong colors, such as red or burgundy, as well as metallic shades.

Varnishes from the company came in fifth place. However, the last place in the list of the best is not bad at all.These varnishes will give your nails a beautiful shiny finish, in two coats. It offers a good selection of colors from pink and red to blue, green or purple. We must say that there is a real lack of metallic and shimmering varnishes for my taste, but on the other hand they quite often boast some limited edition, where the colors and finishes are really unique. From https://funlacquer.com/ you can have the best choices of the nail polish.

Nail polishes dry in tens of seconds, but wait a few minutes to be sure. As for endurance, they will endure a few days before the peeled-off places start to appear. Then it goes downhill fast.These colors are around 60 crowns in price, which in this list tends to be more expensive.Life is too short to have a boring manicure.

So exactly this motto follows all the trends for this year. What do you say to them?

Although this year’s trends do not support minimalism, do not be afraid that you will not find a sober and stylish manicure. For example, the immortal French is still on course, it just has a slightly different (more fun) form. Forget the combination of transparent varnish, pink and white lights and bet on a real cocktail of bright colors. And if it’s too much for you, at least replace the classic white tips with colored ones. Every change counts.

Animal patterns

It was only a matter of time before popular animal patterns penetrated the field of manicure. While a leopard motif had been around for a while two years ago, this year is mainly a fan of unseen patterns, such as snakes, zebras or even cows.

In rainbow colors

Color lovers will really enjoy this year! Rainbow nails will be the biggest trend in spring and summer. Creating such a manicure at home is almost impossible, so it will be necessary to visit the salon. But they also have one big advantage, you no longer have to decide which color of paint to choose, you can choose all at once.

Different geometry

While last year geometric shapes, especially stripes and triangles, were on the course, this year they dominate simple ripple patterns. This motif is based on the trends of the 1970s, which are intensively reversing.

Every fingernail different

The latest big trend is perfect for the undecided. You can combine several motifs, patterns and colors together in it. This freestyle manicure takes courage, but you can be sure that no one will have the same nails as you.