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How To Design The Perfect Label For Your Wines

by Denny Tom

The label of a bottle of wine is key to motivate the purchase decision in the wine line or on the restaurant shelf.

But in addition, you are lucky that many of the people who buy or order a wine in the restaurant are curious to read the label to know more about the wine they are drinking. This does not happen with other products. Do not miss this opportunity.

The truth is that the wine bottle gift labels is an essential element in the brand or branding strategy of your wines, so, with this article, I want to help you create differentiating labels that help you increase the rotation of your wines in the establishments and improve the positioning of your brand in the market.

3 Guidelines To Design The Perfect Label For Your Wines

  • Always as part of branding, the label of your wine bottles is an important element but always integrated into your branding or brand strategy. Your brand, your story, your image, your colors, and your message must be present on your labels. Designing a striking label can be relatively simple; the complicated thing is to find a good design that is part of your brand strategy and captures the attention of your ideal client. For example, wine labels talks about being elegant, minimalist, and generate a certain mystery about what you will find inside the bottle; they are perfectly aligned with branding or brand strategy.
  • Focus the label on the ideal customer and show him the wine inside, or even better, the experience he will live with the wine he will find inside the bottle.
  • Get the consumer to remember your bottle, find it, and identify it easily among the rest of the wines. Won’t you remember this tag just by seeing it once?