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Easy DIY Wood Candle Holders  

by Paul Petersen

Wood candle holders shouldn’t only be safe and purposeful but they should be pretty, too. Who says you can’t do a wood DIY? Here’s a very easy DIY to make wood candle holders. Once you start, maybe you won’t be able to stop at making one or two or three.

First, a little background. Candle holders have an interesting one. You may have initially thought nothing of it because it’s been there since….forever. Almost forever, it has. The earliest artifact found was made up of clay, dated around 400 BC and was thought to be an invention of ancient Egyptians. Candle was made up of beeswax back then.

The candelabra (a large candlestick which holds three or more candles) was used in lavish houses on formal events. They were especially popular during the first few years of periods Elizabethan and Stuart.

Then in the 1600s, candlesticks were made of silver, understandably more reliable than the brass ones that were going to be popular later on. The base is usually shaped as an upside down cup.

Later on to the 18th century, candlesticks evolved more elaborately. The baluster was one such style. Despite the appearance of the electric light, candlesticks were still very much used for decoration.

The most basic form of candlesticks now are made up of a cup which accepts the melting wax and the spike where the candle is held. This is the most popular form of candlesticks.

  1. What you can create though, is a basic candle holder, no fancy schancy.

You need the following materials and equipment:

  • 4 x 4 inches block of wood (any kind)
  • Mitre saw, one


  1. Gather your materials and equipment. If you can’t operate a mitre saw, you can have someone else do it for you.
  2. Make sure that you cut as much as you needed for your candles.
  3. Afterwards, apply wood stain very lightly.
  4. Decorate as you please!
  5. Explore numerous other possible styles such as a small holder for tea light candles. Or you can also do two shorter versions of the wood you did to add to the variety. Try engraving too!
  6. Enjoy!

You can alternatively, make use of acorns, wood logs, thick branches where you can use wood adhesive to glue them in a particular style.

Image 1. Customized, Engraved Wood Candle Holder

  1. This next DIY focuses on creating a wooden candle holder without any equipment, except maybe for cutting


  • Several twigs, same length, around 2 to 3 inches according to the length of your candles
  • Glue sticks and glue gun
  • A ribbon or a native rope to “hold” it all
  • Candles in plain clear glass holders


  1. Glue the twigs around the candle holders.
  2. Finish it off with a ribbon or a rope in a bow to complete the look

Pretty easy, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be so hard! Since you have a lot of time in your hands this quarantine period, you can take your time for as long as you want. Make your own wood candle holders now.