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Discover The Professional Secrets For Photographing Interior Architecture

by Paul Petersen

Capturing the inner beauty of a villa or property is not easy. It requires many skills and good material to take advantage of architectural design. Playing with lines and curves, or managing lighting, are essential elements when taking a good photo. As a professional architecture photographer, I am going to share my secrets so that you, too, get flawless images.

Tips During The Session

The first step when I arrive at a farm is to take a tour. The objective is to visualize the spaces and determine how the light will move throughout the day to plan the shots according to the schedules.

Settings For Photographing Interior Architecture

The settings I use in interior architecture will depend on each shot, but those are the general rules I apply:

ISO: Always at 100 to save great image quality and avoid noise. I compensate for the lack of light with longer exposures.

Opening: If I’m taking details or want to generate the depth of field (for example, if there is vegetation behind), I use large apertures (from f / 1.2 to f / 2.8). For most shots, I use an aperture between f / 3.5 – 5.6.

Exposition: There is almost no movement indoors so long exposures can be used without problem (hence the importance of the tripod).

Format: RAW if you are not convinced.

After The Session, Editing In Photoshop

When I get to the office after a session, the first thing I do after downloading them to my Mac is to select in Lightroom which ones I will use. Once this process is finished, I pass the files to https://photolemur.com to combine my shots.