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Choose the Best Options in Wedding with the Finest Wedding Bands

by Denny Tom


An alliance must last a lifetime and keep its quality, as on the first day, even after several years. This is why it is necessary to choose precious and resistant metals such as gold or platinum.

If you want the best metal for your wedding band, choose platinum. Despite its higher price than gold, platinum is the most resistant and high-end of all metals. The flicker of your platinum band will never deteriorate for your entire life.

Good to know: for a man with sensitive skin, platinum is a metal which does not cause any allergy unlike gold.

Gold is the second metal to choose for your alliance, cheaper than platinum, it will retain less of its shine compared to the beginning. But gold remains a very good compromise for an alliance where yellow gold and pink gold will keep its color despite the passage of time. The camo wedding band comes up to be perfect there.

Choose The Color Of A Wedding Band For Men?

There are several colors for a mens camo wedding band, but this choice is to be made according to your taste. Here are the colors available for alliance and our advice to help you in your choice.

A trendy and discreet alliance, choose white gold or platinum. It is intended for a man who does not wear jewelry and who wants a discreet, but elegant band.

A traditional and timeless alliance, yellow gold is a great classic for the setting of an alliance. It is the most used color and metal for an alliance, because it is a precious and robust metal, yellow gold will retain its color despite time.

A quirky and trendy alliance, pink gold is a color for an alliance that is arousing more and more interest and demand. It is also a more discreet alliance than platinum, because pink gold blends well with the color of the skin.

Now it’s up to you to choose the color of the wedding band. The color also depends on the personality, but also on your tastes.

Choosing The Form Of A Wedding Band For Men?

Like the colors, there are several forms for a wedding band for men. Most often, the two main forms that exist for a man are, the half-band alliance and the ribbon alliance.

If you want a discreet wedding band, we recommend a half-band wedding band. The ribbon alliance, with its flat and wider shape, will be more visible.

Choose The Width Of The Wedding Band

You have to take into account your shape and your budget. It’s quite simple, but it’s necessary to remember, the more you increase the width of the alliance, the more its price will increase. Then you have to choose your alliance in relation to the shape of your hands and fingers, if you have a high finger size, it will be necessary to increase its width so that your alliance is visible and is in harmony with your hand. Do not hesitate to contact one of our diamond dealers, in relation to your finger size, he will advise you the appropriate width for your alliance.