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Bobblehead Ideas? Here’s How They Are Made

by Denny Tom

If having a bobblehead of your own face or of someone you know is quite interesting for you, then maybe it’s time to order one online. It is not only a good marketing or campaign item, but it is also a fun way to give to someone as a present. You can easily have one made at https://custombobblehead.cc/. And if you want to know how they are made, then this article is for you.

Submit Photo and Instructions

You need to submit first the photo of the person that you want to request a bobblehead for. Photo should be clear together with the specific instructions if you have any. It can be an individual, couple, or group of bobbleheads. The artist may also request different pictures of the same face for the best possible result  as this is going to be a 3D bobblehead doll.

Molding and 3D Rendering

Once the artist has the pictures that he or she needs, the next process would be molding. These days, there are now digital programming that can do the 3D rendering of the head and the face. But there are still bobblehead makers that do this manually sculpt it using various sculpting tools. 

Artist Sends Proof for Approval

Once the initial molding of the head and the face is done, the artist will then send a photo of it to the customer, usually through email. And if the customer agrees and is happy of how it looks as well as the design, the artist can go ahead and  proceed to its final stages. You have to remember that as a customer, you can request for revisions or edits if you are not happy with the initial mold.

Bobblehead Casting

The  final step would be casting. With his or her basic sculpture techniques, the artist uses various materials to cast the mold. Some bobbleheads are made of resin and plastic, while others choose to use ceramic or wood. But the most common these days are the first two options. Remember that once the process is already on this stage, any change requests will be difficult to make. But customers can still request for a painting change or some revisions on the body style.

Bobblehead – Where to Order Online?

There are now plenty of stores where you can buy a customized bobblehead. Custom Bobblehead online is currently one of the most popular places to order one from. They offer handmade quirky bobbleheads and a hassle-free shopping experience. With Custom Bobblehead, you can ensure in giving a creative and unique gift every time.