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Beauty Is Not In The Face, It Is In The Heart

by Denny Tom

We hear this word very often in our daily lives, right? But do we know the real meaning of this word? Every other person has their own definition of beauty because every person has their point of view, they can list a lot of things that beauty means to them, but still, it is hard to explain what this exactly means.

Basically, according to its definition, beauty is an aesthetically pleasing feature of a person or an object. The word anma114.vip/cheongju has filled many positive emotions for a person.

Beauty refers to person to person

Let us understand this by taking an example: when we see something glad and soothing to our eyes, what do we say? What a beautiful sight. There is no category to define beauty; it can be anything, be it a pot, person, bird, or dozens of other things. Suppose when you see something in a market, think how beautiful that thing is and make your mind to purchase that stuff and suddenly your friend says how awful it is how can you even decide to get this stuff. The definition of beauty is different for everybody, and it depends on the person how he sees that thing.

Every person has a different point of view which is why they cannot like the same things. However, it also depends on the culture and background of a person that forms where he belongs.

 Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it

. The most common mistakes that people make is they consider the quantity of a person’s body fat, skin tone, hair color, and these external features as beauty and judge if a person is beautiful or not.

. Same with any object, we consider its size, shape, color, transparency, and other things to give it a tag of a beautiful object.

. If we hear a melodious voice, our mind instantly says, what a beautiful voice, right. So that proves beauty does not have a category it can be anything, anyone. What matters is inner beauty.

Now, what is inner beauty?

In this new judging world, many people have almost forgotten that only the body does not play an important role but a beautiful soul. We all are different from each other it is not right to judge and impossible to say that this one person is beautiful or better than the other.

What are the main sides of inner beauty?

  1.     People who are kind to others and ready to help anytime, anywhere.
  2.     Those who are honest to others and themselves as well.
  3.     People who are open to this whole world.
  4.     Who does good for others.

They both go hand in hand. We don’t need expensive cosmetics products or branded clothes to look beautiful. All we need is a healthy mind and body. Simply by doing some physical exercises and by having healthy food you can look beautiful.


There are millions of definitions for beauty. You have to choose what is meant for you. Focus on inner beauty rather than a beautiful face.