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A Perfect Guide on How to Buy Sunglasses for Your Man

by Margaret Eilers

Eyepieces like sunglasses make excellent gifts. They are pretty useful, fashionable, fun, and unlike clothes, people cannot offend someone by purchasing the wrong size. But individuals do have to pay some attention if they are trying to find the right pair of sunglasses for their boyfriends or husbands.

Whether it is their birthday, your wedding anniversary, Christmas, or simply because the wife or girlfriends love their better half so much, they want to protect their beautiful eyes; women really cannot go wrong with sunglasses as a gift if they follow these simple things for finding the right shades for them.

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Look at their faces

People love looking at their faces, so this part should not be a big problem, but we are not just talking about staring lovingly at him. Take a closer look at the shape of their faces. It will provide the gift-giver an excellent idea of what kind of frame to look for or choose. If their faces are oblong-shaped, avoid teardrop-shaped aviators since it can make their faces look longer. Instead, choose rectangular-shaped or wrap sunglasses.

Wide-shaped ones will balance men’s faces and make them look proportionate. If the man has a square face with a strong and wide jaw, their loved ones need to look for sunglasses with round bottoms. The contrast between its soft edges and the hard lines of the face will be pretty manly and flattering. If his head is pretty round, go for a square or a rectangle frame to provide a leaner and more chiseled appearance.

If the man has a narrow jawline and a broad forehead, their loved ones need to choose a sunglass that has a wide bottom to balance his facial feature more. If his face is oval-shaped, the sky is the limit. They can get away with shades in any shape and size.

Think about his fashion sense and lifestyle

Does your husband or boyfriend prefer a t-shirt and jeans over a business suit? Are they more of a suit-and-tie kind of person? Is he a businessman or an athlete? Would he prefer jogging in the morning, or would he rather be on the balcony drinking cold beer?

Your better-half’s lifestyle and clothing choices will also help you pick eyewear like David Beckham Sunglasses for him. A sports eyepiece would be perfect for joggers or marathon enthusiasts, but they will not go over so well if they spend a lot of time in their business attire. For instance,

Take measurements

Eyewear sizes are measured in three essential numbers: the full width of the frame, the width of the bridge, and width of the lens. For instance, people might see eyepieces that are sized 60, 20,140. For these, the lens is 60 mm wide; the bridge is 20 mm wide, and the width of the entire glass is 140mm. If the gift-giver is sneaky, they can do this while their husbands or boyfriends are asleep to avoid giving away their surprise or looking like a freak show.

They are going to have to measure their faces. The first thing they need to do is to measure the widest part of their face, then the width of the bridge of their nose. Subtract the bridge’s width from the bridge of the face and divide the difference by two to get the actual measurement of the lens width of the face. Paying more attention to the shape of their face, their style, as well as the proper measurements, women can be able to choose the right shades for their loved ones.