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7 Things to Look For In An Artificial Christmas Tree

by Robert Toy

There is nothing that can put you in the holiday mood like a Christmas tree. Putting it up in your living room and decorating it is a ritual that brings the family together and marks the true beginning of the season. Heading down to the local hardware store or garden center to choose the perfect tree, then sheltering in the car with some hot cider is a memory many people cherish from their childhood.

For businesses, a real tree is an unusual feature and can really set a holiday tone when you’re decorating for the holiday season. An evergreen out front or in the office can make workers and customers happier, and remind them of their own childhoods.

But, as the kids get older and so do the parents, going out into the cold starts to seem like less fun. Dealing with falling needles, which seemed worth it when your kids were young, becomes a hassle you’d just as soon avoid. A real tree may not be an option for a business, expensive, or even impossible.

Artificial Christmas trees are a great alternative that makes life easier, eliminating the need to water and care for a tree, as well as keeping pine sap and falling needles off your carpets and hands.

There is a huge range of artificial trees, however. And if you’re looking online and can’t inspect one in person, judging the quality of a tree can be tough. There are a few things to look at when it comes to artificial trees that can be a good guide. It’s also important to choose a tree that is right for you. Consider your space and needs when choosing an artificial Christmas tree.

1. The Right Size

Before purchasing an artificial tree, it’s essential to assess the available space where the tree will be displayed. Measure the designated area to determine the maximum height and width that can accommodate the tree comfortably. Choosing an appropriate size ensures the tree becomes a festive centerpiece without overwhelming the room.

2. The Right Shape

Artificial trees come in various shapes and profiles, each mimicking different species of evergreens. Selecting the right shape is an aesthetic decision that complements the overall decor theme of your home or office. Whether you prefer a full-bodied tree with dense foliage or a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette, the shape should harmonize with existing decorations.

3. Pre-Decorated Options

For added convenience, consider opting for a pre-decorated artificial tree with integrated lighting and embellishments like pine cones and berries. While pre-decorated trees simplify the setup process, ensure the chosen decorations align with personal tastes and style preferences. Once fixed, these decorations cannot be customized or altered.

4. Types of Branches

Artificial tree branches are typically categorized as hinged or hooked. Hinged branches are permanently affixed to the tree and fold outward during setup, facilitating a quicker assembly process. In contrast, hooked branches require manual attachment and removal, which may be more time-consuming but often result in a more budget-friendly option.

5. The Best Material

Artificial tree needles are commonly crafted from either polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). Each material offers distinct advantages and aesthetic qualities. PVC trees are durable, fire-resistant, and retain their color over time, albeit with a more visibly artificial appearance due to wired needles. In contrast, PE trees boast a more realistic look and feel, making them ideal for individuals prioritizing authenticity in their holiday decor.

6. Number of Attached Tips

The number of “attached tips” refers to the quantity of branch tips on the artificial tree. A higher tip count typically results in a fuller, more lifelike appearance, effectively concealing the tree’s artificial nature. Avoid trees with a low tip count that expose the central pole, as this detracts from the tree’s visual appeal and authenticity.

7. The Attached Stand

A sturdy and reliable stand is crucial for ensuring the stability and longevity of an artificial tree. Choose trees equipped with metal stands and center poles, as these materials offer superior durability and support. A well-built stand prevents the tree from toppling over, safeguarding delicate ornaments and decorations throughout the holiday season.


Artificial Christmas trees represent a practical and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional live trees, offering convenience, durability, and customization options. By carefully considering factors such as size, shape, decorations, and materials, individuals can select an artificial tree that enhances their holiday decor and simplifies the festive season. Investing time and effort in choosing the right tree ensures a joyful and stress-free holiday experience, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and merriment with loved ones.