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5 Modern T-Shirt Styles You Need To Try This Summer

by Margaret Eilers

Summer is all about comfy clothes and the beach. Well, we cannot help you with the beach part but we can help you with the comfy clothes part. Now it is no news to us that tees are one of the most comfortable clothes in the history of clothing. How about making them a bit comfier?! If you ask if it is at all possible, then well yes it is. You see even though they are quite simple pieces of clothing, they do have varieties amongst them. Knowing the varieties and knowing which one is preferable for which season or for that matter even which time of the day, you could make yet more use of the piece of clothing. So scroll down to know more about it:

  • Top T-shirt trends to try this summer:

Here is a list of t-shirt styles that you would like to try this summer. The list deals with t-shirts of varied material, colour, and style. So if you get this one list learned by heart, your shopping list for the summer is sorted.

  1. Linen tees: 

They are made of breathable, lightweight and quick-drying materials. They are indeed the best choice for people who sweat a lot. You should opt for some low key, neutral colours. White is always a good option in the summer.

  1. Block colour tees: 

Well, it is not as much physical comfort as a mental one. You see summers are pretty hot. And no matter what you say, deep and bold colours make your mental state a bit dizzy. Not to mention if they are all at the same time. So keep it light and in a single hue.

  1. Longline T-shirts:

Longline T-shirts are comfortable on a different level. They get their name as they have a bit of an extra length than usual T-shirts. Their secret lies in the fact that they are baggy and comfortable and breathable. They usually have broad and open necks that do not choke you.

  1. Short-sleeved tees:

Now, this is a classic. You need to let your arms breathe. They are what help you get through your daily routine works after all. Also, a few baggy shirts with short sleeves would be a major score.

  1. Knitted T-shirt: 

Remember, those sudden drizzles that make the weather so cold for a few days that makes you bring down all your winter clothes again?! But then they are too hot as well? Well, these shirts are just for those days neither too hot, nor too cold.

But the question remains as to how and where do you get such varied collections? Well, any online site would have quite a plethora of collection waiting for you. One of such sites is Jacksonville. Jacksonville T-shirts have quite a great range of products. They even have some Indian T-shirts as well, specially made for the hot and humid summers.