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Why are Handkerchiefs Functional Accessories

by Denny Tom

Men’s handkerchiefs are a fashion accessory which is a necessity and fits all budgets. You may think that handkerchiefs are an outdated thing or only decorative pieces for suits, but fashionable men believe that sporting a smart handkerchief or pocket square is a good move.

Handkerchiefs have other important uses besides being a fashion accessory. You can use them to wipe sweat, clean your glasses or phone, and dry your hands and a lot more.

Use Handkerchiefs to Brighten Your Suit.

A pocket square can give an outfit a different look and feel in just a few seconds.  Choose the right color and pattern, fold it the right way and make your average outfit stand out. The right pocket square can tie your entire look together and make your outfit look elegant and complete.

Stylish men like to carry their handkerchiefs as pocket squares for accessorizing their suits. It is an instant upgrade for a suit. The color, pattern and fold that you choose, depends on your personality and individual liking.  You can add a lot of color and texture to your plain ensembles. Some people like to go in for neutral colors like whites or grey and cooler weather calls for darker shades such as navy and black. You can opt for beautiful light neutrals and prints for springs.

The color and pattern you choose largely depends on the color of your suit. A lot of prints from Paisley to Floral to Stripes are available. There is a lot of choice in plain solid colors as well with plain colors and just simple borders. The fabric of your pocket square is important to achieve a stylish look.

The texture of cotton gives a very different look from the texture of silk or polyester so choose wisely. A stiff design that’s supposed to stay straight is not possible with a silk hankie. You may need a stiffer material for that like cotton or linen. Linen is the right choice if you want to go for a crisp look.

Pocket Squares for Dapper Men

There are many videos online where you can learn the various ways in which you can fold your pocket squares. There are certain combinations which always work well like a patterned tie with a solid pocket square or a solid tie with a patterned pocket square. If you are wearing a bold shirt, keep your accessories simple or you may end up looking over the top. Of course, there are men who incorporate many different patterns in their look and yet don’t look overboard, but that requires a lot of skill and style.

You must stand out and create your own style. Not only are handkerchiefs useful, but pulling out a smart, high quality hankie looks classy. You can check various designs on Declic.com. They have a range of men’s accessories. Their range of pocket squares can transform any look.

Skilled artisans are behind the expertly designed Declic mens hankies in Australia. You can choose these hankies for varied purposes from a variety of colors, patters and fabrics.