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What Should I Send To My Sick Boyfriend?

by Margaret Eilers

In this world, there is no perfect figure. However, you can be the best person for your partner, especially when your partner is sick. When a partner is sick, attention is important for you to give to your partner. If we can be a good companion when our partner is sick, of course, the partner will be proud and will not add to the burden of the mind while he is sick. If you give your best for your partner, surely your relationship will also go well.

There are many ways you can do to make your guy always feel at home by your side. One of them is by always showing your love for him, starting from supporting your boyfriend’s hobbies, not forbidding him from playing with his friends to giving special attention when he is sick. Especially the last one, as tough as a guy, he will still need your help when he is sick, and at this moment, you can use it by doing a devotion of love.

Here are some good gifts that you send for your sick boyfriend.

  1. Get Well Card

It’s not enough if you just take care of him and repeatedly say the phrase “get well soon”, right? Try replacing it with other sentences that are more fun, sweet, and romantic, such as :

  • Could you hurry up and get better so we can go back to making out?
  • Even though I’m not with you, I know that I’ll be thinking about you and hoping you get better all day long.
  • Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Just say the word.

Show your concern by writing the words on a card. Maybe this is an old-fashioned way of saying “get well soon” to someone, but that’s okay. Everyone has their way to revive the mood of our boyfriend. You can add photos when you and your boyfriend are together or give little other creations, such as love shapes. You can also spray the get well card with your usual perfume so that your boyfriend will always remember you. That way, he will be mesmerized by your attention.

  1. Blanket 
man in blue and white checkered dress shirt holding blue ceramic mug

If you find out that your boyfriend has trouble sleeping, he will be happy if given a weighted blanket. Many people feel insomnia every night. For an insomniac who is sick, it will be tough for him to sleep. To recover, he must have good quality sleep. When your boyfriend gets a weighted blanket, he will feel like someone is hugging him. He will feel happy to get the gift. In addition to providing a sense of comfort, blankets are useful for warding off the cold.

  1. Slippers

Slippers are the perfect thing that you can put in to get well soon hamper. Consider what kind of sandals you will give your boyfriend. If the weather is cold, then you can give a thick furry pair. By giving this item, your boyfriend will definitely feel warm despite the cold weather and unhealthy condition. But if the weather is hot, a light-weight sandal is a great choice.

  1. Soup

The delicious hot soup can do wonders for those who feel unwell. By consuming soup, your boyfriend’s body will feel warm and can also be an appetite enhancer. Soup is also a food that is easily found anywhere.

You can get it at a restaurant near your house. Or you can also make it yourself, if your boyfriend knows that the soup you give is the result of what you cook, your boyfriend will feel very loved by you for all the efforts you put in. With that, your boyfriend will continue to try to get well so that he can fill his days with you. There are many types of soup you can offer, but if you are confused about which soup to give, you can ask your boyfriend, “what soup do you like?” Otherwise, you can go with chicken soup because it is everyone’s favorite. Chicken soup can relieve flu in a person.

  1. Gift Baskets

A small gift can seem like it’s not enough for a man who is sick. A solution would be giving a get well gift baskets for men. You can create the basket around a certain theme so that you’ll be able to give several gifts and show you care.

gift basket

A gift basket with a combination of items listed above would make a great present for your man. You can also deliver the gift basket if you live too far away to visit regularly. What a special surprise for them to receive all their favorite things. 

Here are a few items to be used in a get well basket.

  • Camping Accessories Basket

Give a camping accessories basket, complete with a pocket knife, s’mores kit, and flashlight so you can remind him of better days. You can also add a camping voucher to invite him to spend a weekend in the great outdoors when he’s well.  

  • Care Products
black and silver hair brush beside black soft tube

Care products can be a fun treat to get, especially if you know your loved ones usually buy these items for themselves. If your man has an impressive beard. A beard care basket is a perfect way to help him feel like himself when he’s recovering. Your man will not allow his beard to grow irregular and untidy even though he is sick. Fill the basket with beard oil, a beard trimmer, and a beard comb. He’ll have everything he needs to keep his beard in great shape while he’s sick.

  • Movie Marathon Basket

Having time together with the loved one is the best distraction that all men need to feel better. Create a movie marathon basket using a popcorn bowl, a cozy blanket, candy, and his favorite drink. Then, you can offer to come over to watch a movie with him sometime soon.

  • Fruits Basket

Fruit is a natural food that has lots of vitamins. Of course, giving fruits to someone you love will positively affect his body, thereby accelerating your man’s healing. You can get fruits basket in supermarkets, minimarkets, even flower shops that also provide fruit basket products.