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What Can I Send Instead of Flowers for a New Baby?

by Denny Tom

The delivery service Singapore really makes everything is easier. It is because you can buy or order any kind of goods for any aims. It is included for a new baby. We knew that you need to buy a gift for your friends who have a new baby.

Flowers are maybe one of the common gifts for that situation. Getting a flower gift from an online flower delivery site like Sing See Soon can be a super sweet gift and your friends will really love it. However, sometimes maybe you cannot send the flowers because of any reason. It means that you need to find an alternative.

We knew that sometimes other people don’t like flowers. Maybe they have allergic too. If it is so, you still can send some other gifts via Singapore delivery service to surprise your friends. There are some best gift ideas that you can send.

Thank God because there are so many alternatives that you can give to a new baby instead of a flower. You can choose the gift based on gender. Below are some recommendations about what you can send for a new baby instead of flowers

Useful Gifts for the Baby

When you cannot come to the hospital or your friend’s house that just gave birth, you can use the delivery service of Singapore to deliver some gifts. For the baby’s needs, it is better to buy something which is beneficial and safe for the baby.

For example, you can send cloth diapers as a gift. Nowadays, cloth diapers are designed really great to make a baby is more comfortable. However, you have to choose the right size according to the baby’s age.

The second option is the bouncer. It can be delivered easily because the size is not too big. The bouncer is like a special chair for a baby. You can hang a toy there too. Your friend will really love this gift.

The book is also recommended for a gift. There are some special books for babies that can trigger their sensory ability. Usually, this book is made from soft polyester materials with bright colours. You can find the cute pictures there too.

You can send the Gifts for the Mother too

Besides giving some gifts for the babies, you can deliver the gift for the new mothers too. There are various ideas for this. The example is the breast pump that can be delivered by the delivery service of Singapore. It will become a useful present.

A breast pump will be used to pump breast milk. Then it can be placed in some special glass bottles and kept in the fridge. If your friend who just delivered a baby is a career woman, this gift is so recommended.

It is also a great idea to send the sterilizer for your friends. It can be delivered easily by the delivery service Singapore. That tool is used to sterilize the equipment such as the bottle, certain baby toys, and more to keep it clean.

A baby carrier is another option. Nowadays, the types of baby carriers are so varied. You can choose one which can be used for various different positions. There is a baby carrier that can be used up to 4 different positions.

Some Other Useful Gifts for a New Baby

Besides that kind of option, you can also send some great stuff such as the baby bag. The baby bag is an essential thing because a parent will need it so much; for example, is like when they want to go somewhere with the baby.

The baby bag is designed with several parts that can be used for any aims. The main part is usually for clothes. Then there are some parts for the bottle, food, shower equipment, and more. The delivery service Singapore will help you to send this good.

You can also give some interesting toys as a gift. It is better to choose one with bright colours, toys with sound, and useful ones. The examples are like hanging toys, dolls, dancing dolls, and many more again.

The gifts for a new baby are really varied. You can choose anything that you want to, but please make sure that it is safe for the baby. Instead of the flowers, you can send the other gifts easily by using the delivery service Singapore.