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Tips to choose the right bridal accessories

by Paul Petersen

A wedding is a big day for every bride and none would want to leave any stone unturned to make it perfect. Bridal dress and accessories are a huge consideration while preparing for the wedding. Many brides find it difficult to figure out the accessories they should wear for their wedding. There are unfathomable varieties of accessories available in the market. There are also many leading houses providing these accessories. This makes the selection even more perplexing. Knowing about the basics and the right way to style these accessories would help you in making your choice. Here are some tips which would make assist you in picking the right piece from Ashlee Lauren for your wedding. 


  • Why do you need accessories for the wedding


Often people consider the accessories as an unnecessary addition to the expenses. However, accessories have a remarkable potential to enhance your otherwise simple dress. These are also a simple way to match your dress with the theme of your wedding party. Also, some accessories like a veil, a symbol of the purity of the bride, have been a prolonged tradition. The reason for choosing accessories can be tradition or aesthetics. You should pick the ones which make you feel happy and look beautiful.


  • What accessories should you wear on your big day


There are many elements you can add to your wedding dress. Among the most popular are veil, gloves, headbands, and boleros. You can find numerous options in the individual category also. Choose the accessory that goes with your dress, party theme, and make you look your best for your wedding. Also, keep comfort in mind while selecting these items.


  • Things to consider about the veil


The veil is a fabric that is an emblem of the bride’s purity and is worn over your head. While some brides like to ditch the veil completely and walk the aisle without one, others still like to adorn it. It is a graceful addition to your wedding attire. There are many types of veils available these days. Each of these types comes with its styling tip. The major difference between the types is based on the size of the veil. You can also choose different shapes and fabrics. It is important to wear the veil right. For example, a traditional mantilla veil should be pinned to the crown of the head but a birdcage veil looks best pinned at the back of your head.


  • Hair accessories


A headpiece instantly transforms you into a fairy or a princess. These are the most liked accessories. Many different types of headpieces are available these days like hair clips, combs, crowns, tiaras, fascinators, headbands, and hats. You can choose the one that is most comfortable and goes well with your wedding theme. Also, keep the veil and its clipping while choosing a headpiece.


  • Wraps and boleros


Boleros are the wraps that a bride wears around her upper body especially during the ceremony. These give you an elegant and modest look. In winter season wearing a shawl or a fur coat as a wrap also keeps you warm. 


  • Gloves


Like veil and headpieces, you also have choices in gloves. You can choose from fingerless gloves, short gloves, elbow gloves, gauntlet gloves, or opera glove. The selection of gloves becomes easier when other accessories are decided. All you need to do is to find the one which suits the rest of your look.