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Styiens wishes You Can Pick Now

by Clare Louise

People around the world are familiar with the expression “good luck” and there are many ways to say it. If someone performs on stage, takes an exam, takes a trip, or participates in something new, wishing them luck is a positive feeling that shows support for their well-being. Rather than simply wishing good luck with words, a little creativity can express that feeling in a more fun way. Four-leaf clovers are a symbol of good luck.

Four Leaf Clover

Give a person a four leaf clover. This is a widely recognized symbol of good luck and is available in different shapes to give as a gift. A charm that the person can use with a chain is an idea or a four-leaf clover keychain that the person can carry with him at all times. Another idea is a simple silver four leaf clover that can be carried in your pocket as a good luck charm.

Good luck expressions

There are many phrases that have been written over the years to wish people good luck. Depending on what the wish for good luck is related to, consider having an adequate number of quotes written in calligraphy and framed as gifts. A phrase like “May good luck be your friend in everything you do and may problems always be strange to you” is a nice and general way of wishing someone good luck on any occasion.

Phrases to wish good in English

Good luck .  (Good luck).

I wish you the very best of luck.  (I wish you the best of luck).

Break a leg!  (Break your leg! He’s an idiom from the theater to wish luck.)  

I’ll cross my fingers for you!  (I’ll cross my fingers for you!)

Best of luck!  (Best of luck!)

Phrases to wish your friends good luck

You’ll do perfect. You will see. So, break a leg!  (You’ll make it perfect. You’ll see. Then break your leg!)

Go there and do your best. My fingers are crossed for you!    (Go and do your best. I’ll cross my fingers for you!).

Some sentences a little more formal

I wish you very best of luck in your presentation.    (I wish you the best of luck in your presentation).

Valeria and I want to wish you good luck in your new position in the company.   (Valeria and I want to wish her good luck in her new role at the company).

You can appear with your best Styiens wishes and a doormat, a cushion or a wall clock, but if you really want to surprise, there are special gifts for removals, loaded with symbols that surely your recipient will thank you with the soul because, let’s be honest, Wishing us prosperity and a full life is one of the most beautiful gifts that can be made.