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Pantsuits for Tall Women – Choices in 2020

by Margaret Eilers

Women in corporate circles will appreciate the importance of wearing well-fitted suits. If you are a woman in a workplace where you hold a position of importance, wearing pantsuits for tall women would provide you with an air of confidence. What you wear will help define your position as well as help you feel confident in your role.  

  • Formal Pant Suits for Tall Women

If you are tall then you are at an advantage. The right clothing and shoes can help you flaunt your height and assert your presence wherever you are. Today formal workwear for women strikes a balance between power and softness that feminism exudes. Even if you opt for pantsuits you will find choices that have length options and fitment as per your body shape and requirement. There are several choices in terms of fabrics and cuts or styles that will help you pick variations for your corporate workwear.

  • Options Available in Pantsuits for Tall Women

Workwear choices, even in the category of pantsuits for tall women, are varied:

  • You could choose from premier suits that have well-matched jackets and pants as well as shirts or blouses.
  • Leg shapes in the pants; this is an area best to explore, especially for women who have tall legs; many premier brands offer options such as straight leg, tapered, bootcut and others.
  • Suit jacket styles are varied as well; you could even choose between matching suit jackets or mix and match with versatile blazers.
  • Choice of fabrics; this creates a difference in how a style fits you or the comfort and finish you want in your overall appearance; from satin silk to wool blends, there is a choice of diverse fabric blends for a lady customer to choose from.
  • Color choices; if you thought that your options lay only between the black, blue and grey shades, think again; women bring in more colors in the corporate boardroom and that starts with the colors you sport in your formal wear.
  • Pantsuits Trends in 2020 for Tall Women

I would confess that, as a woman shopping for pantsuits for tall women, I am pampered with the kind of choices I have available. A simple look at the online catalogs of premier womenswear clothing brands gives a glimpse of what I can expect. I can choose from premier suits or mix and match them; trousers, in general, have several options. I can choose from different styles, fabrics and lengths as well. To complete the outfit I have a choice of tops, blazers and jackets. Many outlets even offer suggestions in accessories to match such outfits with.

Here are some of the latest style trends to shop for in 2020:

  • Straight pants and lapel jacket in dobby weave the refined weave adds a look of class to this attire.
  • One-button jacket and straight-leg pants with blouse the straight-leg silhouette are ideal for thin women. It is easy to wear in extra length or at ankle length as well as.
  • The collarless blazer and tall pants in plaid or windowpane get variety in your new year corporate wear wardrobe. You can mix and match a plain color collarless blazer with a plaid or a windowpane fabric pant.


The above points showcase the different options in pantsuits for tall women. If you are looking forward to shopping at the season end sale like I am, the above tips will help you get started.