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Ideal Tips for a Unique Family Portrait

by Paul Petersen

A family picture will last for generations. It might move from one wall in the house to another, but these photos are timeless. You usually have one shot at it, and it could be confusing to pick the right outfit for that one photo. Some families know exactly what they need. But most families are always on the fence with this decision. Some have even confessed that it was harder to pick an outfit over a photographer. 

It is a special occasion especially for the younger members of the family. Hence, selecting the right clothes which are not only stylish but comfortable has a lot of significance. 

Thus, here is a guide that will make your family picture perfect:

  • Coordinating Colors

If you want the photos to pop, make sure you get the colors right. The colors you wear can be a big deciding factor in making or breaking the photo. The idea is not to match colors but to complement them. Stick to the same shade of the same theme of colors. More than the colors, the prints on your clothes can make a difference. It will help make the image better if there is some consistency in the prints on the cloths. If your child is dressed in a baby bear onesie, then make sure you are in a similar shade of cloths to give a sense of family in its purest sense. 

Image Source:  shirtsforacause.net

  • Think Different

There is no need to have the same family photo with the boring outfits and the seated poses. Twist them up a little. Make the fashion choices that show the true elements of your family. Jump into the photo with Christmas shirts or a new Baby family photo shirt like a Family Bear shirt, etc. If your family is not the conventional one, then why should your photos be? As long as you all have your outfits are picked form the same place and in the same concept, you will look like the coolest family in town. Don’t shy away from graphic writing t-shirts with family names like “Grandpa”, “Dad”, “Mom” etc. written on them. 

  • Tell a Story

Family photos capture the emotions of the family at the time you are taking them. When you look back at this photo for years to come, you will think back to not the moment you clicked the photo by events that lead to it. Do make your photos as narrative as you can. If putting your baby in a baby bear onesie can help to develop an overall theme for the picture then, by all means, adopt the concept.