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How to wear ‘mod’ fashion well

by Margaret Eilers

Modern or ‘mod’ fashion has continued to evolve since its introduction in the 1950s and has continued to thrive where other trends wither and die. Put simply, mod fashion is about looking clean-cut and casual while still appearing effortlessly smart. While many of the original style components are there, it’s constantly being influenced by current societal trends, changing enough to stay relevant while remaining true to its classic roots.

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Though constantly updated, there are some staple items that have stood the test of time, like knitwear, sharp tailoring, detailed accents and specific pattern combinations. In fact, almost half a century later, there are still some of the original brand ambassadors leading the fashion forward, as well as hundreds of prominent celebrities who still favour this style over all others. You can read the full history and the Mod fashion pioneers and icons at https://www.johnsmedley.com/discover/community/mod-culture/.

Mod look essentials

To build any look, you need to start with strong foundations, and once you understand this contemporary fashion and how to wear it successfully, you’ll be able to incorporate your own twists and tastes to create something timeless and unforgettable.

Harrington jackets

This lightweight zip-up jacket is a quintessentially mod fashion statement. Lined with tartan, these jackets come in a range of colour and fabric choices. They are simple, elegant and effortlessly cool. You can wear this jacket with anything, but they are best paired with Farah Shirts, slim-cut jeans and Clarks Desert boots. We recommend choosing a darker coloured jacket with a lighter colour shirt, and there are a myriad of simple elegant shirts to choose from, for example: https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah.

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Knitted polo shirts are one of the most versatile must-haves for an aspiring mod gentleman. They can be worn with a pair of tailored suit trousers for a simple mod outfit that can be dressed up (with a tailored blazer) or down (with a Harrington jacket) to create an all-purpose, low-effort look.


To finish off your tailored mod look, you’ll need the right footwear. Some great choices here would be the aforementioned penny loafers and Clarks Desert boots, but nothing quite finishes off the look like a classic pair of black leather Chelsea boots. Make sure you keep your boots nice and shiny and don’t forget to ensure your trouser legs are hemmed high enough to show off their sleek style.