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How to wear a collarless grandad shirt

by Margaret Eilers

Whatever image you conjure up when you hear the word ‘grandad shirt’, rest assured this is a much loved, very on trend fashion item and one of the most versatile shirts you could have in your wardrobe.

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Grandad shirts were initially invented because factory workers found the collars on their shirts cumbersome and a potential hazard when working machinery. Men started ripping the collars off and as a result, the detachable collar was invented. It was only much later on that this practical solution became a fashion item and what was once seen as a working man’s shirt is now considered suitable for all and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

Wear it open

A grandad shirt worn undone looks pretty cool. Worn with smart, dark coloured jeans or chinos and paired with a crisp white fitted tee shirt, it looks fashionable and trendy. This easy to wear shirt can also be worn with any style of footwear, from a pair of suede desert boots, fashion trainers or more formal smart shoes.

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Mens’ fashion and grooming is big business and men are taking far more care of their appearance than ever before. As well as being more fashion conscious, men are also making a statement with their hairstyles and taking inspiration from celebrities.

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Button in up

If you prefer to button up your grandad shirt, go for it. In colder months, you can wear it with a cardigan, knitted hoodie, or a lightweight jacket such as a bomber jacket or Harrington style. In the summer, just wear it on its own.

Dress it up

Ties are not a requirement for formal occasions like they once were. Wearing a grandad style shirt with a suit is perfectly acceptable and can look extremely stylish, making the wearer stand out from the crowd. Anyone looking to really make a statement could consider wearing a grandad shirt underneath either a matching waistcoat, or a brightly coloured or patterned design.


Fashion is big business, but the industry has come in for some criticism recently over some high street brands’ marketing of disposable fashion. By investing in a quality grandad shirt, you can be sure you will be looking good all year round.