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How to Boost Dragon Jewelry official Store Sales

by Denny Tom
  • Make the Most of Your Store’s Physical Location

The physical presence of an online Dragon Store / Dragon Stuff versus a brick-and-mortar retailer is one of the most significant contrasts. The store has an edge in terms of being able to present the jewelry in person. Although jewelry can seem amazing on the internet or Instagram, there is no substitute for seeing jewelry dazzle and shimmer in person.

However, while the jewelry is lovely, you must ensure that your business is also so. Customers will get the wrong impression if your retail environment is less than ideal, with worn-out rugs, untidy shelves, and walls that haven’t been painted in years. Color, in particular, is important in forming a customer’s perspective, so make sure your store’s color scheme is consistent, acceptable, and inspires the emotions you want your consumers to feel.

  • Create a sales strategy that is both strategic and subtle.

When it comes to creating a successful sales plan, the first step is to build rapport. Your salespeople won’t be able to move things off your shelves if they are only trained to go over diamond specs and hard facts. Similarly, if your sales force is solely focused on “sealing” the deal rather than learning about your customers’ goals and preferences, this will not benefit you. Pushy sales practices, especially in a luxury setting, do not sit well with modern consumers, who prefer to feel as if they have time to consider their options.

  • Conflict-Free Diamonds, for example, can be used to address Millennial values.

While it’s true that many new e-commerce companies are attracting customers due to their convenience, there are a few more reasons at play. Many new companies are based on principles that millennials care about, such as sustainability, fair trade methods, and women’s empowerment, to name a few. Make sure to emphasize this if you sell or make jewelry that utilizes these techniques. If they don’t, you might want to stock up on jewelry in case a consumer requests “a conflict-free diamond engagement ring.”

  • Provide a Wide Range of Jewelry

While crystal clear bridal jewelry will always be in demand, you must diversify your inventory to stay competitive. If you solely sell engagement rings, you’re largely catering to young males who may never buy another piece of jewelry. It’s a big mistake not to sell your products to independent female customers. Both Millennial and Gen X women have shown an increased interest in acquiring fine jewelry for themselves in recent years, so it’s a good idea to devote a portion of your inventory and marketing efforts to non-bridal jewelry.