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How Quality of Pearl Is Decided?

by Denny Tom

Most of the people in the market recognize the quality of pearls based on the ranking system of A, AA, AA+, AAA grade.

Following are 7 factors to determine the value, quality and beauty of saltwater pearls:

  1. Type of Pearl

First you must identify the pearl type whether it is Akoya, freshwater, South Sea or Tahitian used in the jewelry.

Pearl of each type is produced by different species of the mollusk, and each mollusk is living in different region of world under certain specific climatic condition.

  1. Pearl Nacre

For protecting its sensitive flesh nacre is certain natural substance which the mollusk will secrete such as shell parasites, fragments or implanted bead.

This can be same beautiful iridescent type material which lines inner surface of mollusk shells, which is aptly named as mother of pearl.

  1. Pearl Luster

With luster you can measure the quality and quantity of light which is reflected from its surface, or under the surface of any pearl. Usually, the luster of any good quality pearls will be bright and sharp.

You must be able to see your reflection very clearly on the surface of the pearl.

  1. Pearl Shape

Perfectly round pearl can be very rare. If the pearl is absolutely round then it will be more valuable. Usually baroque pearls may not be symmetrical in shape. Also, they can be appealing and lustrous but will cost less than any round pearls.

  1. Pearl Surface

If the surface of pearl is cleaner more valuable it will be. Look for absence of any disfiguring spots like cracks or bumps on the pearl surface, also called “cleanliness.” The highest quality of pearls will have sharp and mirror-like reflection.

  1. Pearl Color

You will get pearls of variety of colors like white to black or in the middle. It is important that you should able to distinguish between any color and overtone.

Some naturally available colors are white, aqua, champagne, green, black and golden. Colors are any one’s personal choice.

  1. Pearl Size

Usually larger will be the pearl it will be more valuable. Sizes of pearls are usually measured by diameter in millimeters.

Size of the pearl can start from 1 mm to as high as 20 mm.