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Here Comes The Sun: 5 Effects Of The Sun To Your Hair And Scalp

by Denny Tom

Because women focus so much on using hair products in Singapore for their strands, they tend to neglect their scalp. Taking care of your scalp is just as essential as making your tresses shiny and soft, especially now that summer is fast approaching. While preparing your chic bikini is a must, your hair should also be summer-ready!

Without proper care for your roots, here’s what can happen to your crowning glory due to too much sun exposure.


Too much heat, whether from the sun or heat-styling tools, can damage your tresses and dry their natural protein, thus, leading to weak, dry, and brittle hair. To beat the frizz, consider using a scalp care shampoo.


Every woman hates split ends! Exposing your crowning glory to too much heat can also cause split ends. If you often use heat-styling tools, invest in hair oil in Singapore.


Dandruff or flakes can come due to two reasons–excessive oil or excessive dryness. Heat dries out the natural moisture and protein on your roots. If your hair gets flaky, grab your hands on the best dandruff shampoo and start using it.


It is no secret that some hair products in Singaporeare best for keeping your hair colour vibrant and longer. While it works, the sun can damage the melanin pigment on your tresses. If you don’t want a brassy hair colour outcome, all you need is the power of a scalp care shampoo.


Using hair products in Singaporewith harsh, damaging ingredients and too much sun exposure isn’t a good deal. These two are the primary problems for hair loss, as they cut the nourishment and protection of your roots.

Pay extra attention and care to your scalp, as this is where your hair grows. Start investing in scalp care shampoo and heat-protectant hair products in Singapore to avoid these hair issues!

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