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Guide to Finding the Best Formal Shoes for Women

by Denny Tom

In every sphere of life, women need to balance everything in the right way; similarly as formal outfits are important to maintain professionalism, so is choosing the right formal shoes. It is equally important to match the right formal shoes for women with your outfit and buy from a reputed brand like Berleigh, Heel & Buckle London. Every pair of footwear is conceptualized and designed keeping elegance, super quality, unparalleled comfort and contemporary designs.

Shoes are mostly the first thing people notice when you walk in. It certainly reflects your personality and says a lot about your taste as well. It is common to feel completely clueless when you need to shop for good formal footwear. Though a few rules might be different for women and men, some universal rules are same for everyone. Before you begin your search to find your dream pair of formal shoes, you need to consider a few important things.

Here are few things to consider when you buy your next pair of formal shoes:

  • Get a perfect or right size

Though it might sound quite obvious, the first thing you must look into is the right size. But few know that your foot swells up during the day. Yes! This explains why at times something perfectly fitted at the stores may seem a little tight at the event.

So, the best thing is to go for shopping for shoes during the latter half of the day or measure them in the afternoon or in evening hours. Also, most formal shoes are worn with socks, so make sure you carry and try with socks on. The sock thickness can also affect the fitting.

  • Explore colors

For both women and men alike, neutral colors like brown, grey, and black are not only safest but also the best choice for formal shoes.

However, color black looks versatile and even matches any colored clothes you wear. So, if you would like to stick for only one pair – buy black formal shoes always. Another option is brown, a nice primary color to add in your formal collection. Just take care that the shoes don’t clash with your outfit.

  • Heels or no high heels?

Most commonly asked question is – do formal shoes should have heels? Well, it is quite simple, if you are uncomfortable wearing them, then no. But most professional settings require you to wear a bit of heels, as it adds smartness to your formal wear. High heels are absolutely your personal choice. If you need the most comfortable high heel formal shoes for women, choose Berleigh footwear.

  • Comfort is most important

You must never compromise your comfort. Try avoiding a new pair of shoes on the final day of the event. You need to walk around wearing your new pair, so you can get shoe bites. Some brands like Berleigh do a great job at providing comfort wear that comes with extra cushioning and support.

If you are looking for the exclusive and premium range of formal shoes for women, choose Berleigh, Heel & Buckle, London. You even shop for your favorite luxury shoes online India, from their timeless classic new additions that should be the part of every woman’s wardrobe.