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Do not buy Christmas tree without knowing these facts

by Clare Louise

A natural, artificial or cut tree? It is the question you should ask yourself. The first option is the most ecological, and also the most expensive. The natural trees have a natural appearance and, they have no roots. You have to renew them every year but they are recyclable. And, the artificial ones are clean and, in the long run, cheaper since they last for many years. You must also be clear about its size. The height of the roof is also very important. The standard measures of fir trees are 150, 180 and 210 cm although there are up to 300 and 400 cm.

Buying Christmas tree, decorative items and ornaments, are not the only things you should consider. You must buy the Christmas gifts. Visit the online store and choose the ideal gift in this Christmas.

An indoor and outdoor Christmas tree

Once the Christmas tree is chosen, the crucial moment appears – to decorate it. So that your passion for Christmas tree decorations with ornaments does not leave you with a mixture that would frighten Santa Claus himself. The first thing you should do is decide what style it will have. Opt for a color range and it will not be reloaded.Then always respect the order of the factors. The light is the first thing to place. Make sure the plug is at the back and start winding from the bottom up. Then hang the ornaments. Ideally, you combine 4 or 5 different models. Start by placing the largest ones and distribute them well throughout the tree. Put garlands or ribbons from top to bottom and top off the top with a star. Do you want to give the final touch? Cover the metal foot or, the pot in some decorative way. If you don’t want the classic skirt, use a blanket or a pretty cloth.

Decorate with Dolls and Toys

If you have young children, this idea may be one of the best to decorate your Christmas tree because nothing will compare with the color that your tree will have. Decorating it with toys, dolls and Felt mouse ornaments is not as complicated as it seems. For example, you can use your children’s stuffed animals or even their dolls, you can also buy small toys to hang on the tree. Here everything will depend on your creativity. There is nothing better than decorating the family Christmas tree. You enjoy every moment between laughs and games.