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Carolina Country Music Fest: Where Cowgirl Boots Meet Sassy Attitude

by Robert Toy

Ahoy, all ye country music lovers and those who can’t distinguish between a guitar and a ukulele but love a good outdoor party! Let’s saddle up and take a whirlwind ride through the Carolina Country Music Fest (CCMF). It’s where the South shows it can throw down a music festival that has everything: style, sass, and, oh yeah, some music.

A Quick Hoedown History

Hold on to your cowboy hats and let’s rewind to 2015. In the sunny seaside town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, someone had the brainwave: “Hey, what if we combine the beach, a bunch of talented country musicians, and thousands of passionate fans?” And just like that, CCMF was born. It started with a dream and a lot of country music CDs (okay, maybe streaming playlists, since it’s the 21st century).

From its inception, CCMF wasn’t just about the music—it was about the experience. The inaugural festival saw the shores of Myrtle Beach filled with music enthusiasts in cowboy boots, wading in the waves, and jamming to the beats of some of the biggest names in country music.

The Festival’s Growth:

Over the years, the Carolina Country Music Fest witnessed a growth not just in terms of attendees but in grandeur. What started as a festival with a handful of acts has grown into a musical phenomenon, drawing in more than 30,000 attendees annually.

Each year, the lineup became more star-studded, featuring a mix of both iconic country legends and up-and-coming artists. It’s not just a platform for artists to perform; it’s a place where new talents are discovered and celebrated.

Dressing the Country Part:

When attending CCMF, there are fashion do’s and don’ts. DO wear that cowboy hat with pride. DON’T wear high heels—this isn’t the Met Gala, Darlin’. Here’s the CCMF style guide:

  1. Boots on the Ground: Cowgirl boots? Yes, please. The more worn out, the better! It shows you’ve been in the country game for a while (or at least that you know how to use sandpaper for that rugged look).You can also wear different type of shoes, like white platform heels, or pink ankle boots. Country outfits is also about colors.
  2. Denim, Denim, and More Denim: Shorts, skirts, jackets, if it’s denim, it’s in. But if you come in denim underwear, you’re trying too hard. You can add corset tops, unique belts, chokers… Try something modern, that you make you even brighter.
  3. Accessorize with Sass: Bandanas, large belt buckles, and anything with fringe. The windier, the better, so you can have that dramatic slow-mo entrance.
  4. Shirts (or Lack Thereof): For the gents, going shirtless is acceptable if you have the abs or the confidence. For the ladies, crop tops and tank tops are the go-to, especially those that show off your love for country music or witty Southern sayings.

Tunes and Croons:

Artists? Bands? CCMF has had the big shots: Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, Zac Brown Band, and many others. But if you’re going just for the music, you’re missing half the fun. It’s also about the experience, the food, the random dance-offs, and let’s not forget—the fashion faux pas spotting!

Your CCMF Survival Kit:

  1. Tickets: Obvious? Yes. Forgotten? More often than you’d think.
  2. Sunscreen: That Carolina sun doesn’t play around.
  3. Portable Chargers: To record every moment and that guy who thinks he can line dance but looks more like he’s being attacked by bees.
  4. Water Bottle: Hydration is key. And no, beer doesn’t count.
  5. Cash: For all the fried food your heart desires and your arteries fear.

Wrap Up:

Carolina Country Music Fest is more than just a festival. It’s where music, fashion, and a bit of controlled chaos come together for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re there for the top-tier country music, to show off your new boots, or to devour all the fried delicacies, one thing’s for sure: CCMF is a rollercoaster of fun. And if you didn’t know what to expect, well, now you’re a few steps closer to being the most prepared cowboy or cowgirl at the rodeo. Yeehaw!